A life changing experience

John de Ruiter Events in Germany

Realize deeper levels of being human, know what you really are, and allow that greater reality to change your life.

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Meet John de Ruiter

John’s meetings are an opportunity to realize deeper levels of being human, knowing what we really are, and allowing that greater reality to change our lives. Teachings explore all facets of consciousness and emphasize what John calls ‘core-splitting honesty’ of the heart and believing only what you know is true.
Meetings with John bring you into your calling as a human being – to open and soften your heart, and find the truth you know within.

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A life-changing experience

Clips from gatherings with John de Ruiter. Subscribe on Youtube Here

Interview on “The Intelligence of Love” 19:42

A new book by John de Ruiter was launched at ABC Carpet & Home, New York

‘Who Am I?’ from Tiruvannamalai 25:40

John is asked about Sri Ramana Maharshi’s self inquiry: ‘Who am I?’

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The Lets Meet groups are an opportunity to watch recent broadcasts of John’s meetings, discuss the teachings, share experiences and reflect on deeper meaning in life. Find a John de Ruiter Lets Meet Group near you to join or start your own group.

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John’s latest book:

The Intelligence of Love

Focusing on relationship, parenting and sexuality, this book puts into words how profound honesty changes life from the inside out, how the vastness of human consciousness begins with an open and soft heart.

Warning - This is definitely not for everyone! Restless souls with the attention span of a fly shouldn't bother. But those ready to experience a different kind of "lecture" should know the opportunity they have in attending an event with John De Ruiter. In short, John is what you'd call a philosopher. But his approach differs from everyone I've come across. John's unique and extremely fascinating technique could be summed up like this: Instead of speaking ABOUT the deep state of true being, he speaks FROM it. His public appearances are not just discussions on the topic of oneness and illumination. Instead, he is uncompromisingly dedicated to BE in that state while addressing the audience. Because this is the strongest chance of actually bringing the audience to it, and let the room experience that frequency, and allow the audience to feel it within themselves, instead of merely theorizing around it.
But this is not "entertainment." Nor is it huggy, touchy, feely "New Age." This is live, standup, hard core existentialism on the deepest, most challenging yet rewarding level I've come across in my life's search for the mysterious essence within myself. I used to listen to his cassettes more than fifteen years ago. They had a profoundly, irreversible effect on me. But my friends couldn't stand them. There's a lot of silence in between the talking, and so most of my buddies got restless, fell asleep or started climbing the walls. But for those few souls out there ready to dive deep into their innermost presence; ready to bask in the presence of an uncompromisingly honest force of nature.. Don't miss ❤
- Krister Linder

Krister LinderSwedish Electronic Musician - kristerlinder.com