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John de Ruiter

“My sole purpose is to be, in life, what we are after we've died. Through openness and softness of heart and core-splitting honesty at any personal cost, I live as that while actualizing the same in others I meet. I am available as a resource for anyone who recognizes and values this way of being.”

– John de Ruiter

Birth Date
November 11, 1959

Openness & Softness of Heart

When you are gentled and quieted within, you naturally open and soften Openness and softness of heart is the most basic form of true beingness and the beginning of your return to the actual opportunity of being in a body.

Core-Splitting Honesty

An uncommon honesty that splits through the core of false beliefs, no longer believing what you want to be true, need to be true, or wish were true. Core-splitting honesty is informed exclusively by a deeper, direct knowledge untouched by self-interest.

At Any Personal Cost

Paying the cost for what you know is true, means that regardless of how you are treated, regardless of what happens to you, you will not close or harden in even the smallest way to protect your ego, your self or your heart. The personal expense of valuing openness and softness of heart above all else costs you a life based on self satisfaction.

John de Ruiter Let's Meet Group

If you live far from John, the Let’s Meet Groups are your way to get together with friends, watch videos of meetings and stay in touch with the teachings.

The College of Integrated Philosophy, John’s home base, loves to support all who are interested in realizing and moving in deeper levels. We look forward to receiving any feedback, requests or suggestions from the Let’s Meet Groups on how we can help you to stay connected with John’s teachings.

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