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An Article by Justine Willis Toms of New Dimensions Radio

By September 18, 2013 No Comments

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John was interviewed by Justine Willis Toms from New Dimension Radio. We’ve included both the audio of the interview and article that originally appeared in the New Dimensions Newsletter.

In October, uncharacteristically, I found myself saying yes to a trip to Canada. A good friend invited me to join her in meeting the teacher of a friend of hers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I knew very little of philosopher/teacher, John de Ruiter, except to receive an enthusiastic follow-up phone call from his center after they had sent me some DVDs and a book by him. I must admit, I never looked at the DVDs, and the book went into a stack that was starting to look like an airport security line before Thanksgiving.

I receive hundreds of calls each month with the same ardent spiel. However, as I checked in with my gut, I could see a way being opened for me to say yes to this adventure. Even though I had less than 24-hours to get myself ready to travel, and be able to spend 5 days at a seminar led by John de Ruiter, I managed somehow to get it together.

I’ve been going to teachings by a vast array of marvelous teachers for more than 40 years, but I’d never experienced anything quite like this one. Actually, looking back on it, I’m glad I wasn’t prepared with some preconceived notion of who he is and how he teaches. I was more able to be there without any expectations. I can’t say that judgments, and skepticism had left me entirely though. They continued to be present, and at the end of the day it was wonderful to have a debriefing session with my friend Linda Merryman, and her friends Deborah Bloomer and Rob Harlan.

I found there was a profound stillness in the room of about 300 people when John entered. He would conduct two daily sessions, each lasting no less than three hours. He would sit in a chair on a stage decorated only by a table with fresh flowers next to him. He was flanked on both sides by video screens so that everyone in the room had the best seat in the house. In front of him at the audience level were two chairs. At each gathering different participants were able to have an individual, one-on-one session with him by sitting in one of the chairs. As he worked with each person, he was actually working with all of us.

What struck me was the way he put words together. There was no “spiritual” jargon. He spoke simply and plainly, but used language in new ways. I’d hear words such as goodness, but hear them much more deeply than I’ve ever heard them before. I was also struck by the stillness in the room, that I’d describe as having a profound fullness. It took some getting used to. I asked him about this, and he said there was more going on than just the words. There was a transmission taking place.

On the fourth day, after I had conducted an interview with John for New Dimensions, a woman said to me, “You haven’t experienced John until you experience him in the chair.” So, I signed up, not expecting that I’d be chosen. However, shortly after signing up, I found myself sitting in the chair. I expected bells and whistles, auras and mystical gyrations. But to my surprise, there were no pyrotechnics, only deep love and a longing on my part to be more fully awake. I felt no manipulation from John, only love, his face always passive, neither smiling, nor frowning, just essence to essence. I continue to integrate this most powerful time, and look forward to going back.

I did two interviews with John: one for the New Dimensions Café and the other for our station broadcast schedule, which will air the week of Dec. 15th. (Remember our broadcast week starts on Wednesdays). You can hear the one-hour interview streaming for free for two weeks starting then. Or you can download it for a small fee at any time. The ND Café can be downloaded or streamed for free at any time. Both will remain in our archive.

Justine Willis Toms

Listen to full interview with Justine Willis Toms entitled The Direct Route to Awakening

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