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Q: My daughter is seventeen years old and I’m wondering what I can do for the best to heal the ways she may have been hurt by us whilst growing up. How can we parents become truly one with our children for everyone’s sake? John: By letting tenderness replace
Q: My question is to do with my daughter. Sometimes I think I’m too judgmental and don’t accept her personality. I’m always thinking about what others think of her, wanting her to be a certain way. It’s hard for me to accept that she has her own way and
Q: How can I best support my daughter through her parents’ splitting-up and through all the changing outer circumstances, like moving house? John: By enjoying her. Q: “Enjoying” … do you mean loving? John: “Loving” can become complicated. Q: What do you mean by that? John: If you enjoy
Q: I experienced that I wasn’t in this room any more. I just experienced that it went very deep and I wasn’t in this room anymore. Can you explain to me what that is? John: You not being in your self. Q: After my other talk with you where I
Q: My question is about having children. I feel when I look around the world that the real conflicts come from relationships that have children, and dealing with the difficulties that come with them. John: There isn’t actually any conflict in that. Q: If you are where you are! Most