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Q: Are love and that first power to be what we are the same thing? I sense the same span in love and that power from before birth and after death. John: What we really are is love, but it isn’t human love. Our experience of love is based on human
Q: I would love to hear you speak about meaning moving – moving as love. It sounds so intriguing to me. John: Meaning is fundamental to what we really are. It’s because of that, that as selves and persons we are in pursuit of meaning. We look for meaning
Q: How do I learn and live my life’s purpose? John: By first so deeply not needing a life purpose. You’re burdened with wanting to have purpose; it blinds you of any authentic purpose. When you’re trying to have it, you can’t see it. When want and need looks
Q: It’s not easy for me to be here, even though I have a deeper knowing to be here. I see the amazing effect that it has on my connection with my wife. I see what you do, direct and indirect, and still for me it’s totally not about
Q: My question is about having children. I feel when I look around the world that the real conflicts come from relationships that have children, and dealing with the difficulties that come with them. John: There isn’t actually any conflict in that. Q: If you are where you are! Most
Q: There is a very tiny movement of hesitation or doubt which immediately stops the movement of going deeper. John: Your use of it prevents you. If doubt didn’t serve you at all, you wouldn’t have it. Doubt doesn’t honestly serve you. Q: There’s very little though, and the
Q: Will you speak about the difference of knowing and living the truth. How can I know what the truth is? John: You have always known it. But it is so simple that it has been easy to overlook. The very simplest of what you know is that within yourself, it is