Tech up-dates

  • Click the “Refresh” button in the gold box to get tech updates
  • The College does not post updates anywhere else, including birds of being
  • Posts are updated when there are new issues or developments

Cleeng (Paywall)

  • Sign up (Or Log In) by clicking “Get Your Virtual Ticket Now” on the stream or VOD you want to watch
  • You need to enter payment information only when signing up the first time
  • Then one-click payments once you have signed in, no need to enter the credit card information again.
  • To change credit card simply:
    • Click “Get Your Virtual Ticket Now”
    • Log in
    • Click the pencil icon next to your existing credit card
    • Click change
    • Select your new payment method
    • Enter the details
    • Click “Confirm Purchase”
    • Done!

Applying a Coupon

Sometimes we may give out coupon codes for free access to a live stream or VOD. See below for instructions on how to apply a coupon code:

How do I apply a coupon Code?

Stream start times

  • A countdown to the start of each stream can be found on the stream. It is displayed in your local time.


  • If a VOD is published it will be available on the live stream page.
  • Sign in the same way you sign in for a live stream.

Image quality

The image quality of the stream will always be determined by the internet service at the venue and/or the internet quality of your internet service. If you experience lower image quality, these factors could most likely the cause.

If there is an issue with the stream on your computer, but there is no issue stated on the status page we suggest you try the following steps:

Browser Related

  • Force refresh/reload your browser:
    • Windows: (F5) or (control + r) or (reload icon in your browser)
    • Apple: (command + r)
    • Linux: (F5)
  • Use a different browser: Chrome and Firefox work best.
  • Close all tabs or windows on all browsers: Then open the Live Stream or VOD in a single window.
  • Check if your browser is up to date:
  • Clear browser cache: Visit this page, choose your browser and then follow the on screen instructions for your particular browser.
    Enable JavaScript:
    Enable cookies: Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Try incognito/private browsing: Using incognito or private browsing mode will log you out of any sessions and start a new session.

Computer Related Issues

  • Free up computer memory: Quit all other programs that are running on your computer.
  • Careful clicking: Clicking too rapidly or too many times can freeze the program. Be patient and allow ample time for the stream to load fully.

Contact Support

  • Still having difficulty? If you’ve tried all of the above Contact Support and be sure to forward your purchase receipt which can be found in your email.