The Witness Has to Go

In terms of spiritual development, the witness is most often considered an important part of our evolution as awareness. In this conversation, John describes how our continued relationship to being the witness, ultimately bars us from our true purpose - becoming what we have awakened to.

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Video Transcript

With John de Ruiter from the February 25, 2019 Rishikesh, India Event

Q: I feel like I’m always watching. It’s like this intelligence that can’t be given over; it’s just there and it feels like it’s this seeing that won’t be taken away by the being.

John: The watcher when it is newly awakened frees you. It enables you to newly see, and to see differently. It’s not a parking place. If you stay there, being the watcher will slowly dry you up. The watcher, other than when it is new, after it is new, quickly becomes another form of illusion – a form of separation. It’s a way, within, of exerting passive independence: independence from your self, from your mind, from your being, from what you really are.

Q: I feel like to be innocent I have to be able to forget that innocence does something for me. In this opening and softening, something changes from that. When I do that it’s not really clean all the way down because I somewhere remember that it’s like a caterpillar going in a cocoon, but knowing what a cocoon is for.

John: A caterpillar that has the witness within is unable to turn into a butterfly. The witness has to go. All self-referencing disappears. Witnessing what has been, what is, what could be, all disappear. What remains is awareness taken by what it knows, right at the cutting edge of knowledge: awareness being completely taken over by what it newly knows and its movement – love.

Q: What do you mean by “awareness being taken over by what it newly knows”? What does it newly know?

John: Directly, something of what you really are. As soon as awareness knows and looks at what it knows, awareness turns into the witness instead of awareness in what it is newly awakening to within, way within, being taken by that awakening, not stopping to look at anything. Awareness in all of its awakening sees by way of knowing. Taken by that, awareness sees as love. As soon as you stop to look at what you know, or look at what you love, the ever-present witness is there again, giving you some separate space and time from you being what you really are.

Enjoy being taken, like being taken: given to and taken and gone, gone into the deepest of your awakening. However small or great that is makes no difference. All that matters is the fullness of your givenness, that you’re taken by it and gone in it, which makes you, awareness, and that awakening the same. It’s no longer what you’ve awakened to. Looking at your awakening makes you, awareness, the witness, in control. Taken by your awakening, being one with it, you, oneness, don’t look at something. You are love that can see. The more that love sees the more it moves. It doesn’t stop to look. It doesn’t look at what it can see. It just ever knows and sees and moves, as a being, as love – streams and streams of it. You knew some of that directly. You were some of that directly when you were really little, still in your innocence. You are free to return by liking opening, liking opening and softening in your heart, unconditionally – blindly, as it were – blindly because there’s no witness in control of it. You’re taken in it. You’re just cleanly that, from deeply within, moving outwards at any personal cost. As that innocence you’re not a respecter of persons, of any witness. You’re not a respecter of selves, minds, and you freely move as love in all of it. It could all be given to you, it could all be taken from you. Fundamentally, it makes no difference to you.

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