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Q: I can’t really ask a question or something, it is just a fear. There is so much fear inside me, of being alone and I can’t really… John: When you fear being alone, that makes you lonely. When within, you let yourself completely relax into enjoying being utterly alone, without
Q: Lately I’ve been confused about God. Is there only one God or several Gods? John: Despite anything that you’ve learned, despite the conditioning of your upbringing and your experiences, despite any of your reading, despite any of your perceptions, despite anything that you can seem to hold or
Q: I cracked wide open today with a lot of flooding of emotion. I see clearly how self-indulgent it is to waver in that place of being in presence and being invited to go there completely but still playing in the mind and emotions. I consider myself a victim
Q: My awareness has been balancing on a thread. In the beginning, I was very occupied with not falling from the thread and balancing. Now I don’t really know where I am anymore. I was wondering if you could say something about that. John: Seemingly being in the dark and
Q: We were asking about whether to have a child or not, and you said it would be better if you learn the child within before becoming a mother. John: Would it be better? Yes. Q: From the self point of view I was upset. How can one help