What Can I Do About My Anger?

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When: May 31, 2018
Evening Open Mic
Where: ,

Q: I have a longing for wholeness and integration, and an awareness of a lot of suffering and chaos caused by self-avoidance. I know there’s massive anger sitting in my gut. How can it be integrated into my being, and how can that become stable in the midst of everything that triggers it?

John: All of the anger shows you right where you don’t need what you want, where you really don’t need to have your way. Anger shows you where you want control that you really don’t need.

Where you have anger or any kind of disturbance in your self, it shows you exactly where your beliefs are. Your beliefs are, right there, being frustrated. 

All of your beliefs are false beliefs, and they all give voice through annoyance, frustration and anger. What dissolves their voice is you opening and softening in your heart as they speak. The openness and softness of heart, your real beingness, opens and softens their voice.

Right there, your beliefs are crumbling and it’s all new and available space for your deeper heart, for what you really are, for your being.

Q: Thank you.

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