VODs from Tiruvannamalai, India Jan – Feb, 2017

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VOD – Jan 26 Morn, 2017 – First, There is No Problem

Category: IntroductorySpirituality

“First, there is no problem, regardless of what your experience tells you. When you’re deeply gentled and settled that there is no problem within, you’re able to address problems, but you’re not doing that for result because you’re home and complete and nothing can improve on it.” —John de Ruiter


VOD – Jan 30 Morn, 2017 – How to Move Your Being in Your Surface Life

Category: Consciousness & AwarenessEnlightenment & Awakening
“You can’t come into the deeper powers of what you really are without you being what you really are within any environment.” —John de Ruiter


VOD – Jan 31 Morn, 2017 – Oneness in Control of the Shift in Reality

Category: Consciousness and Awareness, Enlightenment & Awakening

“What we really are is in control of the shift in reality, but what we really are is in control only as we are being what we really are. Oneness is in control of the shift as we are being it.” —John de Ruiter


VOD – Feb 4 Morn, 2017 – Your Newly Birthed Body of Being

Category: Consciousness and Awareness, Enlightenment & Awakening

“This newly birthed body of being, the form that you’ve given to your awakening in your self, requires the input and the care of all of your life. There isn’t anything more important.” —John de Ruiter



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