VODs from the Rishikesh, India Retreat Feb 18 – 26, 2019

Growing Your Roots in the Darkest of Nights – Rishikesh Free Open Mic

“Your destiny is determined by what you’re given to, what takes you, what has you.”

Meeting and Communing Before and After We Die

Category: Death, Consciousness & Awareness

“You’re able to be spirit in all of your opened senses, your opened bodies of self, of being. As you come into that you turn into not just a being, being a being, but a spirit being. As you come further out into all of this form, then a spirit person.”

Alien Functionality Changing the Matter of Your Self

Category: Consciousness & Awareness, Awakening and Enlightenment

“As you are taken within by your being, that direct knowledge on a being level that governs you, moves you, fills you, makes you, with form in your self, alien to your self, alien to this world. As that grows all within the field of your self, the field of your personality in what is very alien to this world, you become functional, having mobility in this world, not needing to be separate from it, able to really mesh with this world while being so other than this world.”

Your Very Other-Than Blueprint

Category: Consciousness & Awareness, Awakening and Enlightenment

“Your blueprint only comes in as you begin to develop – not as a self, not with beingness in your self, not in your heart – but when you begin to develop as a being. That development engages you in the bigger picture and engages the bigger picture in you. The meaning, the purpose and the function of that is all in your blueprint.”

Awareness Transcending the Mind

Category: Awakening and Enlightenment

“Awareness transcends the mind when awareness is oriented to what is deeper than the mind, the self, the personality, your past , your genetics, your life.”

Givenness: The Nurturing Direction of Belief

Category: Awakening and Enlightenment, Spirituality, Feelings and Emotions

“Belief is intrinsic to awareness as absorption and being absorbed. Awareness relaxed absorbs what it knows. It absorbs direct knowledge and it is absorbed by direct knowledge, making the two together, one. “

Moving as a Being in Your Bonds & Relationships

Category: Consciousness & Awareness, Relationship

“Like walking in, jumping in, flying in. This new breathing is how you live in all of your relationships.”

Cleansing of the Personal and Collective Subconscious

Category: Consciousness & Awareness, Awakening and Enlightenment

“What you really are, deeper within than your self, is your real power. When something affects your self, be your real power. If something strongly affects your self, even more deeply than before, be your real power.”

Empowering The Feminine: The First Movement of Being

Category: Sexuality, Awakening and Enlightenment

“Your first movement of being is feminine and not masculine, so if you gravitate to the masculine you will override your being. The meaning of the masculine is the feminine in the masculine. If you turn that around you will override your being.”

Taken by Love’s Design

Category: Awakening and Enlightenment

“Love being designed by this. As you are taken into this, you’re being redesigned. You’re losing your personal design and you’re being taken by love’s design.”

Extreme Soul Development

Category: Consciousness & Awareness, Death

“Whatever it is you are being in your body, in your self, in your circumstances, in your difficulty, in your pressure, in the fire, is what directly affects your soul. What develops your soul is you, awareness, in response to knowledge. You, awareness, being what you know.”

The Witness: a Form of Separation

Category: Consciousness & Awareness

“Enjoy being given to, taken and gone: gone into the deepest of your awakening – however small or great that is makes no difference. All that matters is the fullness of your givenness; that you’re taken by it and gone in it, which makes you, awareness, and that awakening the same.”

Free of Your Genetics – The Power and Unlimited Reach of Your Sexuality

Category: Consciousness & Awareness, Sexuality

“In the physicality of moving as being in your sexuality, there is the meeting of two beings through and with physical form, and in two beings coming into each other while physically together, there is a direct transferring of knowledge of being that is moving differently in each. Each has the other.”

The Mechanics of Beliefs and Conclusions

Category: Consciousness & Awareness, Death

“Anyone who is free isn’t so without being so quiet within, believing only the truth within, and not putting together anything anymore based only on thought, feeling and past experience, has allowed all of that to experientially die. Anyone who is free, in their living, died peacefully in the midst of great upheaval and difficulty.”


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