VODs from the Tiruvannamalai, India Retreat Jan 23 – Feb 5, 2018

Called and Cleaned by Cosmic Love

Category: IntroductoryEnlightenment & Awakening,

“Your humanness is form of your being, through your heart, in your self. Your humanness is your love form, your humanness doesn’t make you love; your humanness lets you see, and of that seeing you love.”

Living in the Garden of Your Relationship

Category: Introductory, Relationship, Enlightenment & Awakening

“The only meaningful times in your relationship are when both of you are touching into your relationship garden. Live where your relationship garden thrives the most.”

The End of Polarization: Your Real Return to Innocence

Category: Enlightenment & Awakening

“When your life is really the life of your being, then regardless of others and circumstances you will nurturingly not suffer disappointment. You’ll be quietly undisappointable.”

Your Being-Moved Humanness: The Reach of Real Connectivity

Category: Enlightenment & Awakening

“In all of your living, quietly enjoy unclipping; because that unclipping makes manifest your humanness, your being, and that you no longer need the perceived safeties in your self that cover everything deeper.”

Beyond Nothing: The Return to What You Really Are

Category: Enlightenment & Awakening, Spirituality

“As you return to what you really are, where form isn’t required, you need no form.”


Healing the Inner Network of Separation: Inner Sunshine for One Whole Day

Category: Enlightenment & Awakening

“For one whole day you don’t engage personal concern and in its place you engage the tiniest smile within – the tiniest, sweetest smile. The littler the better. It doesn’t matter what you sound like, what you look like, how others might see you. It’s that most subtle inner sunshine that’s you.”

The Beyond, In Person, Functioning In This Life

Category: Enlightenment & Awakening,Consciousness & Awareness

“It’s all coming in. As you’re given to it you become it. Your seen forms all open and turn into it. It’s a little bit like being what you are 1000 years from now, all functional in your life. An entirely different interior.”

A Beautiful Kind of Unsettling

Category: Enlightenment & Awakening

“What you have opened up to is not only the deeper levels, but the beyond of what is coming. It is getting into all of the spaces in yourself and it is causing a loosening in yourself. The landscape of your self is all vastly changing. It’s because of your continued giveness to what you are given to and awakening to. You, being your awakenings.”

Seeing Sunshine In Everyone

Category: Enlightenment & Awakening

“You’re coming into deeper levels of your being, so not like yourself yet deeply home to you. Being with people and talking to people belongs to this. Your seeing belongs to this, your feeling belongs to this, your thinking belongs to this. Really like how beautifully this opens everything.”

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Category: Enlightenment & AwakeningConsciousness & Awareness

The Resonance of Magical Support

Category: Enlightenment & AwakeningMeaning of Life

“The beyond is outside of the scope of your experience. That it is outside of the scope of your experience doesn’t make it unsafe. What is safe is your openness. What is safe is what you directly know the truth of, so what you really have concerning the beyond, is what you know and your openness. You need nothing else.”

The Core of Awareness Pure – Embodying What is Eternal

Category: Enlightenment & AwakeningConsciousness & Awareness

“Your soul develops by you, awareness, being one with what you know, one with deepest knowing within, but particularly within your self and within your life while under pressure.”

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