VODs from the Moen, Denmark Retreat May 30 – June 3, 2018

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Free Open Mic: Your Awakening is Your Baby

Category: Pain and Suffering, Awakening and Enlightenment

“What keeps your awakening in the midst of your life, is your givenness to it. Your awakening is your baby. The baby goes Your experience of the baby is in your care. You are living your connectivity with the baby. Love your baby as it wakes and as its sleeps.”

The Subtlest Movement of Your Inner Life

Category: Consciousness and Awareness, Awakening and Enlightenement,

“It’s the subtlest movement of your inner life that cleans your life. It cleans your life of all of your beliefs, all of your judgements, all of your old ways of thinking and feeling. You come back into your innocence, and you are in wonderment that there is so much in so little.”

Real Destiny Starts with the Heart

Category: Consciousness and Awareness, Awakening and Enlightenment,Health and Illness,

“Your destiny is fast changing as you come further and further in, but that doesn’t mean that it stays. It only stays as you, awareness, are staid in it. What you are seeing into are different destiny possibilities. The one you live is the one that stays.”

Deeply Opened in the Dark

Category: Consciousness and Awareness, Awakening and Enlightenement,

“As you relax, as you are so at home in the dark, you will come into your night vision. A very different kind of seeing; a seeing that only love has.”

All of Your Buttons Are Heaven’s Gates

Category: Feelings and emotions, Awakening and Enlightenement,

“All of the buttons in you, in your self, are the gold spots. You experience them as offence, aggravation, annoyance, impatience. What it really means, is that the invitation is right there: open like you’ve never opened before. All of your buttons, if you can see them correctly, are heaven’s gates.”

Oneness That Has Not Been Here Before, Changing Everything

Category: Consciousness and AwarenessAwakening and Enlightenment,

“I take you there and I bring you there, here. It’s a gifting there. And it’s kindness here.”

Saved by What’s Real

Category: Consciousness and AwarenessSexuality, Awakening and Enlightenment,

“You letting the flowers, the sky and the stars address your womanness… however that informs your womanness, you’ll be that womanness in your life, at any personal cost. Then, you’ll no longer be the womanness that your past addresses, that the conditioning of your self addresses, that this world addresses.”

A Heart Filled by Humanness

Category: Consciousness and AwarenessRelationship, Awakening and Enlightenment,

“Your real relationship is entirely within the span of the light of your two candles. Love that, and you are dearness together. As this light is free to have your humanness, your light-filled humanness is free to have your self. Making you, in your self, ever so human.”

A Completely New and Different Sexuality

Category: Sexuality, Awakening and Enlightenment, Relationship

“The magical sexual fields, the many of them, are closer to a woman’s listening than to a man’s. The same is all there also in a man, but to be able to listen into it requires a greater depth of stillness.”

All of the Light is Intimacy: Innocence at Play

Category: Sexuality, Awakening and Enlightenment

“Innocence at play isn’t really innocence at play with something, at play with objects. It’s awareness at play with light.”

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