AUDIO 321 – Transformed in the Fire of Love


December 2 Eve, 4 & 5 Aft, 6 Eve, 2016
Horn-Bad Meinberg, Germany Retreat


A quote from this recording:

Love doesn’t move without it being empowered. All of the power that you experience in resistance is the power of love separate from love, moved as hardness. When you open in it, the hardness cracks open and all of the power that was held in it is released to where it belongs. It’s given through your heart to your being. Love is empowered and love moves.”  —John de Ruiter


Track 1: 31min – Dec. 2 Eve
Track 2: 15min – Dec. 4 Morn
Track 3: 31min – Dec. 4 Aft
Track 4: 25min – Dec. 5 Aft
Track 5: 13min – Dec. 6 Eve

Total Runtime: Approx. 115min


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