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The questioner finds what John is saying about openness and love to be theoretical and difficult to do. It’s easier to be okay when things are going well, but how to be open when someone is unkind to us or hurts us? She finds she can relax and open when listening to music.

– Whatever it is that deeply touches you and reaches right into you, such as a certain kind of music, or physical relief, or a look in someone’s eyes, shows you how you open.
– You’re relating to the openness and the softness in the music, because it relates directly to what you are really like.
– The kind of delicate opening that naturally occurs when someone’s kind to you, that shows you how to open when someone isn’t kind to you. The openness is the same, the circumstance is different.
– Begin with every little moment in your day, where there’s a little touch of kindness to you, inviting you to open. Next, begin to be that when little things offend you or hurt you.
– Be warm okayness in the midst of the things that don’t feel okay
– Leave the big things alone. The really little things are the tiny little doors in your life that are easy to open.

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