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Ideas That Work

By January 20, 2014 No Comments
ideas that work

IDEAS THAT WORK (ITW) first started meeting in June 2011.

We meet every 2-3 weeks and have so far reviewed over 190 ideas.
We look at the ideas you submit in light of our mission:

‘Drawing on the creativity of our community
to move The College forward’

Our purpose is to support The College and the Conference Centre by looking for ideas that:

  • Enhance functioning and efficiency of The College of Integrated Philosophy
  • Increase awareness of John and his teachings
  • Build community and participation

In this, we experience first-hand the synergy of ideas that come up in different places at the same time.

Here are some highlights of ideas that were already in process at The College, and at the same time submitted through Ideas That Work:
  • Sending out webcasts to Meet-Up groups
  • Making live broadcasts available online and viewable from anywhere
  • Including PayPal as an option for international events registration
  • Adding the “Register–Now” button on the website calendar
  • Frequently Asked Questions section on johnderuiter.com website (click here to read the FAQ)
More ideas that you submitted, and we implemented:
  • Provide meeting hosts as a resource for newcomers and regulars alike
  • Redesign the catering area to improve workflow
  • Create an application form for meeting attendees initiating events at The Conference Centre
  • Host a tour of the building during the summer seminar
  • Implement a seminar punch card system



Not forgetting these simple ideas with far-reaching effects:
  • Change the type of hand towels in bathrooms to make them easier to pull & reduce quantity used
  • Lay out carpet runners in the back of the hall during seminars to decrease noise levels
  • Create waiting space in the Grand Hall to ease congestion in the café
  • Stepstool for the children in the ladies washroom


We have also received a number of submissions that are being researched in detail on the following topics:
  • Random seating options for College meetings
  • Comprehensive database of the teachings
  • Simplified online registration for College events
  • Meeting punch cards in smaller and larger denominations


Ideas That Work

  • Submit your idea here:

    (Your personal information will only be used to contact you about your idea)

Alternatively, you can fill out a paper form and place it in the “Ideas” mailbox.
You can find both on the information table in the back of the Meeting Hall.

For any other questions, contact us at: [email protected]

We work with the people who can make your ideas happen.