Excerpt from a dialogue with John de Ruiter on August 28, 2015

Q: Yesterday you said that want and need interfere with expression of love from the heart, and that a being-filled heart moves into the self and to the person and to your life. The more I can fill my heart with beingness, the more that I disassociate from want and need and drop into love – it’s like where the rubber meets the road.

John: There are different levels of rubber and different levels of road.

Q: So the level of the road that I seem to be more focused on is oneness. That seems to be different than just a being-filled heart.

John: That level of oneness is there, but it doesn’t mean very much. When you move as awareness by what you know of a different level, the way you move as awareness is by the form of that level, an unseen form. You can awaken to a knowledge of oneness that is independent of all of those forms, all of the forms of your being. It is a level of awakening, but there’s no movement within that level. You can’t enter that level without getting to know forms of your own being. And you get to know them by those levels of your being and those forms moving in you and then you moving by those forms.

Q: Isn’t that dependent on bringing my awareness into that level?

John: As awareness you respond directly to what you know of that level and that response moves that level of your being, which moves its form, which registers in your nervous system, which changes how you comprehend reality.

Q: And it always starts with awareness responding to knowing?

John: In the heart.

Q: So it’s the same process applied at different levels. That would imply hierarchy – upper level, lower level?

John: A hierarchy of levels, yes. It’s similar to entering school – you can’t really skip grades. If you do skip a grade, you’ll encounter practical problems where you’ll follow in some things and then all of a sudden you’re incapable of following. So in that way, you need to move through the levels.

Q: What if I wanted to be an advanced student and move through the grades quickly, using intention and will?

John: That sets you way back.

Q: You cannot progress faster?

John: Not by intention and by the use of your will.

If you use your self to move, you move your self. If you use your self in an effort to access that, you make your self stronger and you’re not gaining direct access into what you know the truth of. That reduces what you know to a category in your self instead of what you belong to.

Q: So without using the self and the will associated with the self, is there any way of making knowing move faster?

John: Response. You, without the use of your self, directly responding.

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