Excerpt from a dialogue with John de Ruiter on February 21,  2015

Q: I want to ask you two questions. The first one is about breathing techniques. Can you talk about breathing?

John: It’s all naturally fulfilled and you don’t need to follow a system or a practice. When you’re in your personality you breathe differently than when you’re in your self. When you’re in your self you breathe differently than when you’re in your heart.

When you change your breathing with a technique, it puts you into the direction of your own being. But if you’re not actually being that, then you’re mimicking the true influence of your being. While it puts you in the right direction, you’re using a system that has nothing to do with your own being. Instead of applying a technique to your breathing, change the level that you’re coming from, and your breathing will change. Your breathing is a manifestation of how your body is being used, and how your awareness is being used. Each affects your breathing.

Q: My second question is about attention deficit. When I’m studying and my thoughts are coming, I can’t focus. I’m getting deeper but the study is not happening.

John: When you bring your heart into your thinking you’re confronted with the actual state of your mind’s development. When you bring your heart into your thinking, that makes your thinking developmental.

Q: And all the other times they’re just separate?

John: Yes. Then you’ll use your mind by way of your strength of mind, and when you are not in your strength of mind, gaps remain in its development. When you bring your heart into your thinking, you’ll encounter your mental blocks. Within each mental block there’s a developmental lack, areas where you haven’t grown up in your thinking. When you haven’t grown up in your thinking, you’ll think through with the use of force. You’ll think because you want to or you have to. You won’t be relaxed in your thinking. Depth of thought requires relaxation in your thinking. Profound thought requires thinking in the same way that your own being is. You can put your mind to work through the use of force, but then your mind will work in the way that your self is.

By you responding to your heart and being your heart, you slowly come into the subtle use of your mind, your subtle mind. There’s more power in the subtle mind than in the surface of your mind. The clearest kind of thinking is within your subtle mind, where the use of force and power isn’t needed.

Most of your studies require only a surface use of your mind, not a whole use of mind. When you’re in a whole use of mind, then, as you study, your mind is is much more expanded than the subject requires. You’re able then to perceive the depth of what you’re studying. The information opens up in its depth and applies to everything.

Q: What’s happening is that I can go for hours about something, but never finish the practical work.

John: That has to do with the mastery of your self by what you know in your heart. If you try to confine the mastery of your self so that you can get your homework done, then you’re applying self-discipline, which is only one aspect of your self being mastered by what you know in your heart. You can apply the aspect of mastery through self-discipline so that you can achieve good marks in your studies, but that doesn’t mean your self is mastered by what you know in your heart.

Q: I just want to be able to keep on studying and not be expelled from the course.

John: You need to master some aspects of yourself for you to fulfil the course, but you need to master all of your self for you to fulfill your life. Fulfill your whole life while you’re fulfilling the requirements of the course.

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