Excerpt from a dialogue with John de Ruiter on October 12, 2015

Q: This morning, in between waking and sleeping, I dropped into a two-second total oneness with you. As soon as I went in there my whole body erupted in shock with accelerated heartbeat and my gut churning. Do I need a deeper body to live that in this life? Is that what the deeper bodies are for?

John: The shock isn’t to your body. It’s to your self and that registers in your body, so then it seems like it’s to your body.

Q: And the self turns into something deeper at some point which can sustain that?

John: When you relax as awareness in your self, it doesn’t shock.

Q: That’s just a matter of meeting it enough times so that it’s not a shock anymore?

John: It’s your way in your self of relating to what’s taking place in you that comes from deeper levels.

Q: And how does that change?

John: By not adhering to your familiar ways in your self of being affected by something.

Q: But doesn’t that mean to start changing it on a self level?

John: It’s like a different brain of yours in your self.

Q: I really do feel like I’m in a different reality sometimes.

John: A different reality, but then a different brain.

Q: Is it like a central information system brain? It’s more collective than individual?

John: It encompasses your individual brain but from a completely different place than what your self is like. As you connect into that you connect into a different brain of yours. It’s not literally a different brain; this is a manner of speaking that enables you to realize in a different kind of way. It puts you on a different track in your relating. It’s as individual as your brain is yours, but it’s like finding out that you have another brain.

It’s not a parallel reality but it’s a little like that, where you have your brain enabling you to register in your existence everything that’s going on – deeper levels, awakenings and everything – and then you realize that parallel to all that taking place, you have this other brain. When you realize it, and you use that brain, you move parallel, but it’s of something that’s all different.

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  • Eva says:

    Yes. Yes. And Yes. I’m a baby in this marvellous brain. In us to discover by enjoyment. Say more John!

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