Excerpt from a dialogue with John de Ruiter on June 22, 2015

Q: You speak of awareness and knowing as one and its movement being love. It doesn’t always have to be spoken in words – just being what we know is enough. Yet in this world, words are necessary and you speak them so finely.

John: Words spoken from within what you’re coming into initiate profound change. With words, in this, you are packaging the unseen and delivering these packages of being right out into what is seen: the being-power of words.

Q: And it doesn’t really matter if they’re fully heard – just that they’re spoken. That’s bringing something into form in this world.

John: It brings you into form in this world; perfect forms of meaning that transcend your self and this world.

Q: So you’re saying that for us it’s important to speak the real ‘me’. It is important to bring it, to express it in words.

John: They’re not just forms of meaning, real forms of what you really are. They are also forms of commitment: committing what is most deep and unseen within to what is seen. Words provide instant bridging.

Q: But a lot of us are not so articulate!

John: It doesn’t require high levels of intelligence. It requires response to what you know from within the unseen, through what intelligence you do have, right into what is seen.

Q: No particular training required – just simply being what we know.

John: Within the authentic use of any words as soon as you say what you know, it’s done, and upon that you build.

Q: The real value of words.

John: That value belonging mostly to your being.

Q: I’d love to hear you speak more about words and commitment.

John: Your words always have commitment, so from whatever level or orientation you speak words, you’re putting into form what you’re coming from: what your orientation as awareness is, and the level of that that you’re moving in. So when you settle inside and you say something, you’ve really done it. If you’re upset about something and you put that into words, you’ve really done it.

Q: It brings the upsetness more into form?

John: Yes. It doesn’t matter what you say; all you say is powerful. When you realize that, you’re going to be much slower to speak and you’ll be really quick to listen, so you’re really listening within and then you speak. You’re actually directing the power of your words instead of, from your self and your person, how you’re used to in this world, saying things because you can. If something bothers you then you say it. This whole world functions this way and it’s not real. Everything other than our own beings is being empowered in this world.

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