JdR Podcast 426

Food for a Hungry Heart: Quieted in the Longing for Truth

How do you feed a hungry heart? A disturbing sense of not knowing how to give her heart what it needs brings a surprising answer from John, opening the realness and beauty of her deeper and higher self.

"The burning in the heart is powerfully real. It is you, awareness, so clearly, deeply, powerfully knowing the truth within and how that ignites your heart, whether it moves as love or is as still as your quietude."

—John de Ruiter

Podcast Transcript

With John de Ruiter from the February 25, 2019, Rishikesh, India Event

Q: I try to feel my heart but I feel my heart is so hungry and it’s not about food. It’s something very starving. It’s like my heart has roots and they go and search for something and it’s not sadness or depression. It needs something and I don’t have the food he needs. I don’t know how to help him.

John: The more that you relax, the quieter you are in that, in your heart, while that’s there, the more that that hunger turns into deep burning. That burning is the activation of knowledge. The burning is that you are knowing so deeply the truth. What feeds that burning is you remaining in quietude in your heart. When that knowledge has expression and movement in your self it moves as beingness in your experience, which feeds your hunger. Or when that deep knowledge that you’re quiet in doesn’t move, there is no streaming of your being into your self, enabling you to directly experience the depths of that knowledge in its movement as a being. Where there is such movement and you remain being the quietude in it, the burning catches such fire. When this knowledge moves as love up into your self, it’s the quietude of you in your heart that increases the burning, whether the knowledge in your heart moves as being or not. Both make you burn so deeply.

That burning is fed in any rhythm of being. Within a rhythm of being, like the tide, your being is always moving, either up into your self or away from yourself. Your self is like the beach. When the tide comes in you’re flooded by the ocean of knowing and being. All comes alive, and when the rhythm of being shifts like the tide and it all becomes quiet, it all recedes from your experience, as the beach you are left seemingly desolate. Where did all such living knowledge and movement of being go? It matters for you to be the quietude in your heart – awareness still – whether the tide is coming in, flushing your self with being and knowledge, or whether it’s all seemingly going away and gone.

Regardless of the movement of the tide of being, the more still you are, the greater the burn in your heart. The burn is much deeper than the hunger. The hunger is real, not just actual. The burn, the burning in the heart, is powerfully real. The burn is you, awareness, so clearly, deeply, powerfully knowing: knowing the truth within and how that ignites your heart, whether the truth within moves as love filling all, or whether it is as still as your quietude.

When the burning of your heart, because of you being that still in knowledge there in your heart, when you are being in that burn without doing anything, while the truth within is still and hardly moving at all, the burning is consuming. The quieter you are, the more this burning is consuming the matter of your beliefs. It’s cleaning you of your beliefs. That burning, when you’re quiet in it and the truth within is not moving as love – it’s all still – the burning is so consuming, not just your beliefs but all of its form. It’s consuming, burning up the structures of illusion in your self. The burning of the truth within feeds on forms of illusion, cleaning you of them.

Q I feel the quiet when I quiet, I lose my life game, if you know what I mean? So I feel that I’m invisible and then I lose my heart and I lose everything.

John: If you remain quieted in your heart in the midst of the tide of being going back out, leaving your heart seemingly empty, that’s how strongly and how deeply the game of your self, the game in your self and of your self, in this world and of this world, is drying out. It’s all dying from lack of being fed. It has no power on its own. When all of your power is given to what you quietly know within, in the midst of the tide going out, everything that’s not real in your self that you’ve given life to is dying.

That creates new space in your self, and there your self is opening into all of that new space. Your deeper self is opening, your higher self is opening, all without you experiencing that. You have no sense of that. You won’t know how much has opened in your self because of you until the tide comes back in. When the tide of being comes back into your self, it brings to life all of that new, opened space in your self, with you experiencing the realness of that, the beauty of that, the life in that. You experience how much more of your self is so beautifully like you are.

Be staid in your heart whether that feels in your self like living, or dying. Be staid in the quietude of your heart while the tide comes in and while the tide goes back out. Be staid, as awareness, in the quietude of your heart, unconditionally, at any personal expense. There’s no other way for your being to have all of you and everything that’s yours. There’s no other way for your being – you, one with it – to have your whole life.

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