JdR Podcast 329

How to Heal Depression

Depression and its paralyzing effect can seem insurmountable. John reaches into its darkness revealing its roots in our beliefs and, with practical examples, reveals how we can be and sustain our own healing.

"Return to your heart in the midst of a depression and you alleviate your self of its importance. With that is the healing of your depression."

—John de Ruiter

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Podcast Transcript

With John de Ruiter from the November 4, 2015, New York, USA Event

Q: Can you give me your take on depression and the paralysis that sometimes results from it?

John: When you’re depressed you’re taking what you deeply feel at face value. You’re being quieted within by what you deeply feel – a deep feeling of lack. When you’re quieted by your own sense of deeply felt lack you’ll be depressed. In the midst of that feeling, in the midst of experiencing your self that way, relate to what you most quietly know in your heart, so it’s not a feeling you’re relating to; you’re relating to direct knowledge.

The movement of that direct knowledge in your heart, as soon as you’re in it, the movement of that is love, and love isn’t a feeling even though you’re able to feel it. It’s not an experience and you’re able to experience it. When you’re close to falling asleep, as everything passes away, you’re approaching more and more deeply being what you really are, which isn’t a feeling, it’s not a thought, it’s not an experience even though you can feel it and you do experience it.

When you’re gentled and quieted in your heart, relating not to what you feel and think in your self, when you’re not relating to your life, your person and your self – you’re just quietly relating to what you know the truth of in your heart without the use of a thought or a feeling, without the use of any beliefs – what you turn into is a profound restedness.  That restedness is you not holding you together with the use of your self. When you’re depressed you’re holding your self together; you’re holding you together with the use of your self and it is most deeply not working.

In the midst of that, relate to what you naturally relate to as you fall asleep. As you fall asleep you are opening and softening in your heart. You’re returning to what you really are as pure awareness, where your life and your experience are not what informs you of you. Return to your heart in the midst of a depression and you alleviate your self of its importance. With that is the healing of your depression. With a depression your self is burdened in having to produce for you what your self isn’t able to provide. It’s you who provides for your self. That’s what occurs when you’re at rest in your heart and being that in the midst of your self, but when you use your self to provide for you, you put a demand on your self to provide something that it isn’t capable of. It cannot provide for you your being.

When you’re depressed if you draw a bath and sit in it, in the very first moments that you relax in the bath you’re responding to your own heart, and within those moments you’re relieved of your depression. But in the next moment that you’re familiar with being in a bath you’re taking your self on again, and within those coming moments you’re depressed. In the midst of being depressed, what you’re able to do as awareness, within your heart, is to really listen. Really listening doesn’t involve thinking and feeling.  Really listening puts you in touch with knowing in the midst of thinking and feeling, enabling you to be the difference between you and your depressed self.

When you take your self at face value when it’s depressed, then your experience of your self is you even though that experience of your self – that depression – isn’t you; it’s a condition in your self. A depression is a condition of your own nervous system. When you’re depressed you’re identified with how you experience your self all through your body, through your own nervous system. When you relax as awareness in the midst of that activated nervous system, you are being differently.

When you’re being what is deeper within than the experience of your self, in the midst of your self and in the midst of your activated nervous system, you’re moving differently within your own nervous system. Your nervous system responds to what you’re being in your body. When you’re being the depression you increase your own depression, and you bring your own nervous system right into that. You are more than your self. You’re more than your body, your self and your life. When you’re depressed you’re taking your self on as being you, even though you are more. Your self isn’t more than you, or bigger than you, but when you’re depressed that’s what you’re believing.

When you’re depressed you have no ‘out’ from the lack in your self. That’s in your experience. But just beneath the surface of your experience you know more. You know more than your self, you know better than your self and you’re able to be that, and you do turn into that as you fall asleep.

Relate directly to what you know in your heart in the midst of a depression and be that which you’re knowing in your heart without you needing to change how you experience your self, and right there you are your own healing. Sustain it, and you heal.

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