JdR Podcast 289

What is Grace?

Listen to this talk to find out what grace and devotion really are; where they come from, what they're for, and how to live for what you belong to.

"Grace is actually what you are. It is your own movement. It’s how you move when you are coming from your own innermost."

—John de Ruiter

This dialogue also appeared on VOD-000

Podcast Transcript

With John de Ruiter from the March 11, 2012, Findhorn, Scotland Event

Q: I just wondered if you could say something about devotion and about grace, and the intervention of grace.

John: Grace is the influx of beingness to your heart. With that, there is a change of presence in your self. Because that is an influx to your self, you perceive that it isn’t you because what you’re used to is your self. You experience grace as something magical that is independent of your self. It is independent of your self but it isn’t independent of you. Grace is actually what you are. It’s your own movement. It’s how you move when you are coming from your own innermost. When you are in your self, as awareness in your self, and you experience grace, it’s because your heart leaned to something of your own being. With that connection there’s an influx of your own beingness, the movement of your own being. It fills your heart, and that moves your self. The experience of that is grace.

When you let your self turn to that is when you relate to devotion. When you have real devotion to what you know grace is, you are living knowing what your self belongs to even though you’re not understanding what your self belongs to. You know it and you’re relating to it.

In that way devotion works. Devotion that is clean, works: devoting your self to what you know the truth of in your heart, letting your self belong to what you belong to, but instead of consciously moving just as awareness, you are, as awareness, moving as a self. In that way where there is devotion, clean devotion, you are, as awareness, because of your own experience, locked to your self. In that way, you are perceiving that you are your self, experiencing the touches of being in your heart, calling it grace and giving your self to that. It works. It is a roundabout way of being what you first are. It’s the innocence in it that makes it work. It’s a direct response.

When you’re locked to your self because of a lack of awakening and a lack of actual understanding, being locked to your self isn’t a disadvantage. It doesn’t prevent, hinder or stop what’s real and true. Beingness touches you, you perceive that as grace, and into grace you’re gone. You think you’re your self. In practical terms you relate to your self as you, so when you’re gone into grace, you do so in giving your self to grace. You’re giving you to grace. You’re surrendering to what you are.

Q: Is there something you can say about a more direct way?

John: Seeing clear devotion is similar to seeing a little child running to a certain point. That little child running to a certain point does so in an arc instead of a straight line, so you inform this sweet little child that it doesn’t need to run in an arc to run to that point. It nods its head with a sweet ‘yes’ and runs again in an arc. You tell the child again. The child nods with understanding and runs again in an arc, and then you realize the child doesn’t need to be fixed. What’s occurring is pure. When the child eventually sees that it doesn’t need to run in what is an arc, it will run straight. The straight isn’t more pure. It’s just closer.

Having devotion means you know why you run.

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