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Myriad Distractions, Infinite Possibility: How Your Genetic Self Becomes Real

July 1, 2022

“All that remains is direct response to your core, to its resonance, in a world that can’t see that and offers you everything other than that.”

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387 –  The Littlest, Biggest Answer: Conversations From Midnight Sky

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384 –  The All-Consuming Invitation: Embodying the Freedom of Quietude

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383 –  The Kiss of Unknown Love: Magical You, Revealed

381 –  Will You Come To The Banquet? Subsumed Into The Unknown You Know

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380 –  Taken Over by Unknown Love

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379 –  From Individuality to Intimacy: Stark Aloneness Marrying the Truth Within

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378 –  The Return of Everything to Original Intimacy: The Glory

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374 –  The Pulse of a Deeper Reality

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368 –  You Being ‘Her’: A 10,000 Year Leap of Evolution

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367 –  A Tiny Shift: An Out of this World Difference

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366 –  The Balancing of the Powers, The Marriage of Everything

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364 –  The End of the Dream: Living Your Real Life

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