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2 Ways to get the John de Ruiter Podcast automatically


1. Subscribe Free on iTunes

Download past episodes and subscribe to future episodes for free from The John de Ruiter Podcast on iTunes.
(iPhone users can download the Podcast App to subscribe automatically as well!)

Click here for instructions

  1. Follow the iTunes install instructions outlined in this video
  2. Familiarize yourself with Podcast downloading outlined in this video
  3. Visit iTunes John de Ruiter podcast preview page. Then click the blue View in iTunes button. The podcast page will now open in iTunes.
  4. In iTunes, click the Subscribe Free button located under the image of John. After a few seconds, iTunes will begin to download the latest episode.
  5. To play an episode refer to the iTunes Podcast Resources page
  6. If you have questions about Podcasts, please visit the iTunes Podcast FAQ page

2. Subscribe Free on YouTube

Listen to the John de Ruiter Podcast playlist on YouTube.  Subscribe free to receive new episodes automatically.
(These podcasts are also posted on our Experience page for you to listen direct!)


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